A dual VCA integrated circuit produced by SSM; it was one of the company's first products, in the lated 1970s. Designer Ron Dow drew the 2020 as a redesign of his earlier SSM 2000, to revise the control voltage levels in order to make it compatible with the voltage levels used in the modular synthesizers marketed at the time by E-mu Systems. By doing so, Dow and SSM obtained financial and technical support from E-mu, which began using SSM ICs in its modulars.

Besides the E-mu modulars, among the synths that used the 2020 were the Rev 1 and 2 versions of the Prophet-5, the SIEL DK-600, and the Buchla 296 spectral processing module. The 2020 is now very rare and should be reserved for repairing vintage synths that require it.

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