A researcher with Bell Labs who, in the mid-1970s, developed a device known officially as the Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer, but more commonly as the "Allis Machine" or "Alice". This was a synthesizer with 64 (and 72 faders) oscillators controlled by a Digital Equipment Corporation LSI-11 minicomputer. (Per Laurie Spiegel, a larger PDP-11/45 was used to build and download the software for the synth.) The Alles Machine was capable of additive synthesis, frequency modulation, and phase modulation synthesis machines. The machine was disassembled and donated to Oberlin College in 1981. Few of its recorded output survives; among these are the digital sequences on the tracks "Delta Two" and "Soundcheck: Delta Three" on the Synergy album Games.

Alles remained with Bell Labs through the 1990s, becoming the chief technology officer of a home automation systems company in 2002.

Laurie Spiegel plays the Alles Machine


Laurie Spiegel plays the Alles Machine

This is the only known video of the Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer, aka the Alles Machine, known to exist.

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