Name used by the electronica duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth, who have been working together on various audio and visual arts projects since 1987. By their own reckoning, Brown and Booth were B-boys with little musical experience, but a fondness for hip hop. They collected various cast-off gear from pawn shops and began making their own tapes. After going through several working names, they issued their first single under the name of Autechre in 1991.

The duo's early efforts consisted mainly of electro and hip hop tracks, but once they had become established, they quickly began expanding their compositional and technical repetoire. Their third album, Tri Repetae, found them moving quickly towards industrial, ambient, and experimental styles. Since then, they have continued in that direction to the extent that, in their later releases, their B-boy roots are nearly unrecognizable. Autechre are considered one of the mainstays of IDM, although the duo claims no allegiance to any particular style.

A typical later-period Autechre effort is likely to be filled with highly experimental beats in unfigurable time signatures, combined with usually minimal melody often performed using esoteric gear and synthesis techniques, and extensive effects and signal processing. The result is sometimes described as "cold" and "mechanical", although their music rises above those prejorative terms. Most Autechre material is not easy or danceable listening; it demands that the listener pay close attention.

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