(1971-) The stage pseudonym of electronica artist Brian Transeau. BT emerged in the 1990s as a pioneer in the trance genre, but as his career has progressed, he has expanded the number of genres that he will explore within a given album. Besides producing and remixing tracks of others, he also has become involved in film, television, and game scoring. He is a classically trained musician and plays several instruments including keyboards and guitar.

BT is known for his "stutter edit" technique, a form of granular synthesis. Early examples were done by laborious manual editing before he developed a plug-in to perform the edits according to user-built patterns. This led to BT establishing the music software house Sonik Architects, now owned by iZotope. BT collaborates frequently with Paul van Dyk, and he has collaborated with musicians outside of electronic music such as Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel, and David Bowie.

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