A manufacturer of modular synthesizer equipment named after its proprietor, Michael Barton in Bloomington, Indiana USA. A focus area of the company is microcontroller-based circuits that perform functions such as quantizing and algorithmic note/rhythm generation. Most designs are format-agnostic; they can run off of either 12V power or 15V power, and can be assembled with Eurorack or MOTM power connectors.

Barton sells circuit boards and pre-programmed microcontrollers for its designs. Full kits are not offered. The company also produces some pre-drilled but unfinished Eurorack panels, available in certain patterns. Now and then, a few fully assembled Eurorack modules are available. Full kits and assembled modules for some designs are available from Synthcube, Modular Addict, and Lower West Side Studio in the USA, and Noise Kitchen in the Czech Republic.

Barton Web site

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