A modular synthesizer manufacturer, specializing in modules in the Frac format. Founded by namesake John Blacet in 1978, the company is located in Lakeview, Oregon, USA.

Blacet offers modules in both kit and fully assembled form, but over the years they have specialized in kits. The product lineup has gone through several evolutions over the years, starting out with kit modules and noisemakers in the late '70s, to digital products in the '80s and early '90s. For a time, the company branched out into non-musical fields such as industrial machine controllers. However, these ventures were eventually dropped and the company returned to electronic music with the modular synth revival in the late '90s. Today, Blacet offers a full line of modules in the Frac format. Their modules are noted for cramming a lot of functionality into a small space, for the bold serif font used in their panel graphics, and for their use of rubberized knobs. Blacet also has an agreement with Synthesis Technology to reformat and market some of the latter company's Eurorack format modules into Frac format.

Blacet Research web site

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