Bob Singleton working on adding music to a Barney episode.

Bob Singleton is an experienced, classically trained composer and producer with deep roots in rock, jazz and ethnic music. He is a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum album award-winning producer, composer and arranger. His music work includes over 70 PBS episodes, over 30 albums, an NBC network special, and a sold-out Radio City Music Hall run. He has also worked as a composer and music producer for home videos and award-winning commercial & industrial projects (Gold Cindy Award), and worked on award winning theater and musical productions. Bob has been nominated for 4 Dove awards in the Children's Musical Album of the Year category.

He has produced music and soundtracks for hundreds of programs. These programs have appeared internationally and nationally on NBC, PBS, independent TV stations, The Disney Channel, educational distribution and home video retail sale.

His scoring experience ranges from synthesizers to full orchestra, hip-hop, R&B, rock, symphonic, pop and children's music. He has written hundreds of songs, commercials and scores for a variety of broadcast and industrial clients. Bob has also created and produced animated and live action home videos as well as several interactive computer media titles.

Bob started his music career in his home state of California, where he worked as a keyboard player making song demos for a pop song publisher. He traveled to Texas for college. After graduating with honors in Music Composition from the University of North Texas' School of Music, he went to work as a recording engineer. His first work was in Dallas, where his ability to read scores in jingle sessions made him one of the top engineers in a busy jingle industry town.

He went on to engineer top acts like Willy Nelson, The Commodores, Amy Grant, and many others in studio and for live TV and radio broadcasts. He traveled and worked in Dallas, LA, Nashville, Toronto and many other locations.

Bob carried on parallel careers as both a composer and a freelance engineer for many years, until he set up his own production company in the 80's. He distinguished himself by being a leader in the coordinated use of computer compositional tools and audio-video interlock. Many of his clients were ad agencies whose commercials, needed tightly synchronized scores in a wide variety of musical styles, and major political candidates (like Bill Clements, Gov. of Texas) wanting persuasive musical signatures. Bob's client list has included American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, The US Air Force, JC Penney, Gaylord Entertainment, Lyrick Studios, Sony Entertainment, Marvel Animation, and many more.

In the 90's, Bob became one of the top creators of music for kids in the US. He was a music director on Barney® and Friends for 10 years, and his music for Barney is still heard in over 100 countries, worldwide. He produced over 30 albums for children, gathering a Grammy nomination, 4 Dove nominations, a triple platinum album and a platinum album. While working on the Barney® TV series, Bob started working on computer-based media projects. He collaborated with Activision on a PlayStation game, and developed sound tracks for several interactive CD-ROM projects.

He continued with commercial and industrial projects too; picking up a Gold Cindy Award for his work with JC Penney and Henry Grethel Clothing, created music for The Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Sidekicks, and produced for major industrial clients like Interstate Battery Systems of America and World Vision.

Equipment overview[edit | edit source]

When Bob was hired as the new music director for future Barney projects, he begin building his own music style, collecting hardware and software like keyboards, synthesizers, sampler racks, drum machines and everything in between. On this list are programs used by Bob from products like Yamaha, Roland, E-MU and more.

Yamaha TX-81Z [edit | edit source]

  • BANK A: 09 LoTine81Z
  • BANK A: 29 RichHarpsi
  • BANK A: 31 BriteCelst
  • BANK B: 01 Trumpet81Z (SFX) (used in: Are We There Yet? as Barney’s Car Horn)
  • BANK B: 12 Pan Floot (used in: Barney goes to School)
  • BANK B: 16 Harmonica
  • BANK B: 24 Harp (used in: Barney goes to School)
  • BANK C: 07 Old Banjo
  • BANK C: 09 Elecbass 1
  • BANK C: 15 LatelyBass
  • BANK C: 26 Java Jive
  • BANK C: 27 Xylophone
  • BANK D: 20 Whistling (used in: Barney in Outer Space)

Alesis HR-16 [edit | edit source]

EMU Emax I and II (both Keyboard and rack modules with Floppy Disks) [edit | edit source]

  • BRASS: X231 New Pop Brass (E-MU Emax)
  • BRASS: X037 Big Horns (E-MU Emax)
  • ETHNIC, STRINGED: X281 Chinese Koto (E-MU Emax)
  • KEY, ACOUSTIC: X031 Harpsichord (E-MU Emax)
  • WINDS, ETHNIC: X117 South American Pipes (E-MU Emax)
  • WINDS, ETHNIC: X155 E3 Shakuhachis (E-MU Emax) (used in for the song: Animals in Motion)
  • WOODWINDS: X239 Bari/tenor Sax (E-MU Emax)

Roland D-50[edit | edit source]

  • 11 Fantasia (used in: Waiting for Santa)
  • 16 Living Calliope
  • 32 Gamelan Bell
  • 58 Rock Organ

Roland PN-D50-01[edit | edit source]

  • 55 Ocarina

Kurzweil K1000[edit | edit source]

  • PX Professional Expander: 13 Digital Electric Piano

Roland MKS-70 Super JX[edit | edit source]

  • E3 CALLIOPE (used for the song: Hurry, Hurry Drive the Fire Truck)

Roland Juno 106[edit | edit source]

  • 25 Donald Pluck (used in: Barney goes to School & Barney in Concert)

E-MU PROFORMANCE 1+[edit | edit source]

  • 02 Classic Grand
  • 13 Synth Tines
  • 18 Honky Tonk

E-MU PROTEUS/2 (Orchestral)[edit | edit source]

  • 009 Marcato 1
  • 017 Pizzicato 1
  • 024 Flute
  • 025 Piccolo
  • 026 Oboe
  • 028 Clarinet
  • 029 BassClarinet
  • 030 Bassoon
  • 031 Contrbassoon
  • 036 FrenchHorn 1 (used in: Barney’s Magical Musical Adventure)
  • 042 Harmon Mute
  • 043 Trombone 1
  • 045 Tuba
  • 050 Timpani
  • 051 Gong-Cymbal
  • 053 Temple Block
  • 054 Xylophone
  • 055 Glockenspiel
  • 056 Celesta
  • 057 TubularBells
  • 058 Percussion 1
  • 060 Harp
  • 137 Jazz Bass

Roland Sound Canvas SC-55[edit | edit source]

  • 04 Honky-tonk (used in the song "Down on Grandpa's Farm" in Season Two's "Grandparents are Grand")
  • 05 E. Piano 1
  • 09 Celesta
  • 12 Vibraphone
  • 13 Marimba
  • 14 Xylophone
  • 19 Organ 3
  • 22 Accordion Fr.
  • 23 Harmonica
  • 36 Fretless Bs.
  • 61 French Horn
  • 62 Brass 1
  • 68 Baritone Sax
  • 77 Bottle Blow
  • 92 Space Voice (used in: Barney in Outer Space)
  • 106 Banjo
  • 109 Kalimba
  • 110 Bag Pipe
  • 111 Fiddle
  • 121-128 SFX
  • Drum Set Table: 1 Standard Set
  • Drum Set Table: 17 Power Set
  • Drum Set Table: 41 Brush Set
  • Drum Set Table: 49 Orchestra Set

Roland R-8[edit | edit source]

Roland JV-880[edit | edit source]

  • PR-A: 17 Clav 1
  • PR-A: 51 Woody Bass 1
  • PR-A: 59 Pick Bass
  • PR-B: 01 Pizzicato (used in: Imagination Island)
  • PR-B: 03 Harp
  • PR-B: 08 Orch. Strings
  • PR-B: 28 Harmon Mute2
  • PR-B: 49 Steel Drum

BOSS Dr. Synth: DS-330[edit | edit source]

  • BANK1 Piano: 5 E. Piano 1
  • BANK2 Chromatic Percussion: 11 Music Box
  • BANK2 Chromatic Percussion: 14 Xylophone

Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral (expansion board for the JV synths)[edit | edit source]

  • 074 Pizzicato 1
  • 185 Classical Gt
  • 186 Harp 1
  • 196 Harpsicord1
  • 209 Xylophone 2

Peavey DPM Spectrum[edit | edit source]

  • 012 Acoustic Bass 1

Other[edit | edit source]

Larry Haron, Bob’s assistant music director has his own equipment that he uses in Bob’s music. (Only for the musical numbers.) These are the only samples from these sources he uses.

KORG Wavestation A/D[edit | edit source]

  • RAM3: 13 Nylon Guitar

KORG M1[edit | edit source]

  • 09 Drums#1 (Whip crack)
  • 26 A.Bass
  • 15 Vibes

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it. Every sample found from these sources are both correct or random. Most of these sources to every keyboard sampler rack and synthesizer used by Bob has not been found yet.

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