A former maker and seller of kits for large format modules for modular synthesizers, owned and operated by Scott Deyo. Bridechamber made its name by acting as a kit integrator and outlet for independent designers such as Ian Fritz and Ken Stone. The company took circuit boards designed by the independent designer (sometimes with improvements added by Deyo or a collaborating designer), added a front panel designed for that module, and offered a kit complete with all of the parts. Most kits were formatted for MOTM format; a few were also available in Dotcom format. In October 2011, Bridechamber became the distributor for Synthesis Technology MOTM-format kits and modules, after Synth Tech decided to focus in its Eurorack line.

Deyo closed down Bridechamber in 2015. The former Synth Tech MOTM line, along with some other products that Bridechamber had been offering, were transferred to Synthcube.

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