Chicago house is the first and earliest style of House music that started in 1984. With it's continuation of the disco four on the floor beat, but instead of live instruments, using drum machines and synthesizers, this was the original House sound. Probably, the first House track was Jamie Principle - Your Love, the original raw track that was way before the much loved- Frankie Knuckles classic version in 1987. However Jamie Principle's hit wasn't played on radio, but his tune was massive in the clubs of Chicago. No longer recyling old Disco, House was something new, something fresh and something that little did the DJ's know that it would later on become a worldwide sensation and become the world's most wide-spread music, since Rock N Roll. However House din't reach Vinly until the second House track, Jesse Saunders- On+On which was also the same year. But it didn't do much sucess. It wasn't much. But it was the timebomb that triggered the Chicago house boom. Now that Chicago house had took over the enitre city, more House tracks were made. In 1985 DJ J.M Silk created his first House hit (Music Is The Key) and a new style of House was born, Hip house, since it included a rap section.

A distinct style was Deep House, which used slower tempos, more serious lyrics reflecting on the mysteries of life, especially in the city, such as love and alienation, by drawing influences from jazz, techno, gospel music.

Some of the original house musicians and vocalists had some christian church influences, such as church going and singing in church choirs - its influence on house music and culture, is especially evident in some house records by Frankie Knuckles, Farley "Jackmaster Funk" Keith, CeCe Rogers, Joe Smooth with themes such as revelations, unity, brotherhood, salvation, freedom, love, hope, peace - thus mimicking Jesus Christ's teaching and promise of salvation in God's Kindgdom of Heaven.

Gradually the more european and elitistic sounding house, by the late 80s-early 90s was started to be absorbed and changed by american culture - with hip-hop music and its ghetto attitude. This branch later devolved into the more primitive ghetto house and the similar chicago hard house, with its attitude of a self-boasting ghetto macho lover.

In 1986 House music was ready to cross the Atlantic, with some chicago house records becoming popular in UK, and starting a local wave of house musicians.

Around 1987, another style named Acid House appeared, It was created by live tweaking the controls of the TB-303 bassline. It was first created by artists such as Phuture, DJ Pierre, and many others leading to a huge boom in late 80s, and influencing later trance, hardcore and rave dance music scenes.

List Of Chicago house DJ's & Artsists: Jamie Principle, Doctor Derelict, Jesse Saunders, Ron Hardy, Farm Boy, Willie Wonka, J.M Silk, Screamin Rachel, Nitro Deluxe, Femme Fion, Fingers. Inc, Jungle Wonz...

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