Two-pin Cinch-Jones plug

A type of connector used to convey gate signals in early Moog synths. The Cinch-Jones connector resembles a mini version of a two-prong U.S. power plug; the body is a cylinder about 1/2" (1.25 cm) in diameter, with two parallel flat-bladed pins. Moog synths which use the Cinch-Jones connector also use the S-trigger format for gate signals, which is not compatible with conventional gate or trigger signals. However, adapters can be purchased or easily made.

There are actually a range of Cinch-Jones connectors with different configurations of pins. Only the two-pin type was used by Moog. As of 2020, after being unavailable for several years, the line is being manufactured by Bel Fuse, under the name "Jones plug". The two-pin configuration is known as the type 302, and is available through Mouser.

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