Clavinet model D6, courtesy of

An electromechanical insturment, manufactured by Hohner, that was popular in 1970s rock and funk. The Clavinet is basically a miniaturized clavichord, with strings that are struck by plastic hammers attached to the keys. Magnetic pickups detect the signal from the strings; most Clavinet models had two pickups which could be switched in various combinations. A preamp filters and shapes the signal to produce a sound which actually sounds more like a cross between a clavichord and a harpsichord. The preamp was powered by 9-volt batteries, although an external power supply was available. The preamp output a "guitar-level" signal, suitable for amplification with a guitar amp. (A model was planned with a built-in amp and speaker, but this never went into production.) Hohner produced a variety of models between 1965 and 1980.

Hohner ceased production of the Clavinet in 1980, and later sold the remaining parts stock to Although not all parts are available, has managed to manufacture some new replacement parts, such as hammer tips, strings, and key bushings.

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