A modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Lisbon, Portugal; the name is often abbreviated "CoTK". Club of the Knobs offers modules in the MU (Moog Unit) / Dotcom format, and meticulously re-creates the look and feel of the vintage Moog modular synths on which the Dotcom format is based. In fact, CoTK offers some modules which are precise re-creations of vintage Moog modules. However, the product line goes considerably beyond that, and includes some exotic modules such as a polyphonic envelope generator and a module that delays trigger signals. CoTK also offers some cabinets and packaged systems, such as a faithful re-creation of the Moog 15 modular.

CoTK was known in the past to be somewhat difficult to do business with but have improved over time. The company does not accept credit cards but Paypal has been accepted since about 2010. Delivery times for modules not in stock can be highly variable. Additionally, some of their modules require 12-volt power, which is not the standard power for the Dotcom format but they will provide an adapter board to easily run these modules in a DotCom system.

Club of the Knobs web site

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