Manufacturer of synthesizer equipment, based in Sweden. Their main products are the S1 MK2 semi-modular, and a line of modular synthesizer equipment for the Eurorack format. The company built synth equipment to order in the 1970s, but then turned to industrial automation. It returned to the synth market in 1998 with the original version of the S1. The modular line, which is extensive, uses a five-pin power connector that differs from the usual power provisions seen in the Eurorack format. This is not a bad thing as the Cwejman power connectors, unlike standard Eurorack connectors, are protected against plugging in backwards.

The company's name is pronounced (as best as can be managed by English speakers) as "S*AY-mun", where the '*' is a consonant sound about halfway between 'v' and 'w'.

Cwejman web site

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