A MIDI Controller message that is used in conjunction with the registered parameter (RPN) and non-registered parameter (NRPN) Controller messages. To change the value of a registered or non-registered parameter, the RPN or NRPN message is sent first to select the parameter to be edited. Then, the data entry message is sent to change the value of the parameter. Like all of the controller types in the 0-31 range, the data entry controller has two controller numbers, one for the high-order byte of the parameter value (controller #6) and one for the low-order byte (controller #38). Some RPNs only use the high byte, and some use the high and low bytes to have different meanings; consult the list in the RPN entry. NRPNs are free to interpret the high and low bytes however they want.

Two ancillary controller types work along with the Data Entry type: Increment (controller #96) and Decrement (controller #97). These increase or decrease the selected parameter value by one, respectively.

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