(Often abbreviated DSI) A synthesizer manufacturer founded by Dave Smith, who was also a co-founder of Sequential Circuits. The company released its first product, the Evolver, in 2002; the company has since releaesd several variations on the Evolver theme. In 2008, they released the Prophet 08, Smith's modern variation on the classic Prophet-5. More recent products consist of the Mopho, a low-cost monophonic synth sharing the Prophet 08's voice architecture, and the Tetra, a four-voice version of the Mopho. In 2011, the company introduced the Tempest, a drum machine based on Smith's ongoing collaboration with Roger Linn.

As of August 2015, the Prophet-12 is the top of the line; it incorporates many of the features of the discontinued Poly Evolver. It is a hybrid synth with a digital oscillator section, but analog VCFs and VCAs. DSI has recently released the Prophet-6, a re-creation of the Prophet-5, with one additional voice. It accepts P5 patch loads, and re-creates the look and layout of the P5. It is being marketed under the Sequential Circuits name, the first product so named since the original company went under in 1987.

DSI is noted for the fact that they have been able to obtain an ongoing supply of Curtis integrated circuits to use in their products. DSI has never disclosed how or where they have been able to obtain these, as the Curtis ICs have long been out of production and there is currently no known source.

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