Deathstep is, by majority consensus, one of the most hardcore genres of dubstep. It combines death metal with dubstep elements; specifically, the beat and the bass.

History[edit | edit source]

'Deathstep' first mention was used by the artist Mobthrow in the homonymous track 'Deathstep' from Mutant dubstep EP released back in March 2009.It was a term to describe his new music influenced by death metal and dubstep. Notably it was also used in a track called 'Voices From God (Deathstep VIP)' by the Polish producer Substep Infrabass in 2009. Many artists like Chrispy picked this up and made their own version of it (Chrispy's Suicide Silence remixes, for example).

In 2011, Bratkilla released his Deathstep LP - solidifying Deathstep as a category of its own. Since this release, Deathstep has steadily grown into what you see today.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Deathstep is a combination of death metal and dubstep. Thus, we need to bring out the best of both worlds. Deathstep frameworks usually begin with ominous-sounding guitar riffs, with lots of choir. The drums usually consist of a very solid and hard kick, and a very heavy ‘pan’ snare with a lot of riff. The basses are, contrary to popular belief, very different from the ‘normal’ dubstep basses. As opposed to the generic reese ‘wobbles’, Deathstep has machine gun basses, usually in triplets, along with more heavily distorted growls and screeches.

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