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A-110-6 through zero VCO, courtesy of doepfer.de

German music company created by namesake Dieter Doepfer. The company is best known for its A-100 series, a very extensive modular synthesizer line which includes some unusual modules such as the A-194 control voltage-to-MIDI converter, and the A-196 phase locked loop. All of the A-100 series modules are built in the Eurorack format. Other products include master keyboards, MIDI controllers, and analog sequencers.

The company was founded in 1979; its first product was a voltage controlled phase shifter. Through the 1980s, Doepfer marketed a variety of MIDI control devices, sequencers, and a few modular products. The A-100 line was introduced in 1997. Doepfer was the first manufacturer to introduce a full modular line in the Eurorack format, and it established some conventions which have become common in that format, such as the unpainted aluminum panels and the placement of the jacks at the left edge of the panel. Today, Doepfer is noted for for the extensiveness of the A-100 line, as well as its systematic way of model-numbering the modules.

Doepfer web site (Deutsch)