Electronic Music Works is a manufacturer of mostly modular synth equipmenent, in the Eurorack format, plus a few integrated synths and accessories.  The company began around 2008 with an attempt to re-create the EML Electrocomp 200, which was not successful at the time.  The company then turned to modular synthesis equipment, and they now have a large and diverse line with over 100 modules.  As of September 2017, they are considering building some modules in the MU large format .  

The company did eventually return to the EML 200 clone project, and that product is now avaialble as the EMW 200.  The company claims that it is a faithful reproduction, down to the fact that it uses EML's non-standard 1.2 volts/octave scaling.  The one change is replacing the EML 200's spring reverb with a digital delay line, which the company explains was done for reliability and sound quality reasons, plus the delay line is more versatile than the spring reverb.  EMW has also re-created the EML 300 controller.  The company also offers the WCS-1x , a small monophonic synth in a tabletop package, with an unusual VCO architecture.  

Most Euroack modules have lavish and artistic panel graphics, a practice which is somewhat controversial.  EMW has chosen to stick with traditional black panels with white graphics; bare aluminum panels with black graphics are available as an option.  

EMW Web site

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