Electronic Music Wiki

The Electronic Music Wikicity aims to provide a collection of articles on the broad subject of electronic music, in order to better define the subgenres which many people unfortunately refer to as "techno" or "electronica" en masse. We opened on February 12th, 2006 and are working on 1,402 articles.

Mission Statement[]

Our goal is to create a freely available and freely editable knowledgebase of electronic music and its many sub-genres. In this knowledgebase we plan to include descriptions of various sub-genres (both aesthetically and technically), biographies of artists, information about software and hardware used, and generally everything else applying to electronic music.

Where to begin[]

We suggest that you read the guide to rules and tips to get a better sense of how things work and if you aren't familiar with editing a Wiki, we suggest also reading Wikicities' Wiki tutorial.