The Electronic Music Wiki aims to provide a knowledgebase of information on the topic of (surprise) electronic music. Of course, we need contributors to help make this possible but before you contribute, we ask you to read this.

Rules[edit source]

For now, there are only two rules.

  • Do not vandalize.
We cannot stress this enough, it helps nobody when you hurt other peoples work. Please help build the wiki, not destroy it. You aren't proving anything.
  • Everything must be released under the GFDL or be public domain.

Tips[edit source]

Here are some tips for you to remember when creating or editing articles.

  • Use links.
Linking, even to pages that don't exist, is key to bringing a Wiki together and building it up.
  • Don't overlink.
Linking is great, but keep in mind you should try not to overlink. Overlinking can become annoying and is unnessary. You must find the balance between linking and overlinking.
  • Don't sign articles.
When you write an article, do not sign it. Articles are there for people to learn, and are not comments. Keep in mind that articles, while created by one person, are there for everyone to edit. Save signatures for comments on talk pages or other pages for discussion.
  • You don't own the page you created.
When you create a page, you are simply adding a piece to our puzzle of knowledge. You may be considered the author (or one of the authors) of the page, but you do not own it. It is freely editable by anyone else, and it is released under the GNU Free Documentation License. If you do not like this concept, you should not submit your work, however we encourage you to recognize the benefits of such a setup.
  • Register.
Registration allows you to track your own history, and allows recognition of your existence. It's free, fast, and highly recommended. You don't need an account to participate, but it is easier for everyone including yourself.
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