Goreshit, also know as Leon Makepeace. is an electronic artist known particularly for his contributions to the genre "lolicore" a genre based on speedcore, mashcore and breakcore, but with samples of either high-pitched anime characters, typically what would be referred to "loli's" or pitched samples of miscellaneous material.

Goreshit started in 2005 as a two-piece black metal band featuring Leon and Shred Wilson, a friend that Leon knew from college. The first album, which is also the only one that featured both members, is watashi wa baka yaro desu, released on June 1 2007.

Shortly thereafter, Shred left and Leon went as himself, taking the name goreshit and starting making a primarily lolicore, starting with "tomboyish love for daughter". Even though he mainly produced lolicore, he has also been known to make similar genres, like mashcore, breakcore and speedcore.

He has a Youtube channel, 2 Bandcamps, one for before 2011 releases, one for after 2011 and a Facebook page

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