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Piston Honda MkII, courtesy of IME

Maker of modular synthesizer devices, based in Seattle, WA USA. Designer Scott Jaeger is the proprietor. Industrial Music Electronics specializes in digital circuitry for modular synths in the Eurorack format; their product line consists of non-traditional modules such as the HM2012 voltage controlled bit crusher. In addition, the company manufactures a line of modules that reproduce circuitry in the Soviet-era Polivoks synth, and have been designed in cooperation with Vladimir Kuzmin, the principal designer of the Polivoks. These are noted for their panels being labeled in Russian.

The company's modules are noted for their panel graphics designs, which use Native American motifs, and knobs with bright orange tops. Industrial Music Electronics was known as Harvestman Digital Music Electronics until 2015, and its products are still often referred to as "Harvestman" modules.

Industrial Music Electronics Web site

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