This article describes and notes the samples used by DJ Sharpnel.

Many Sharpnel Sound albums include sampled works from anime, video game, and other influences. Note that not all of the songs listed are composed by Sharpnel, Killingscum, or Jea. The following sources are categorized by the origin of the sample (Japanese/English/Other), listed by the song title, followed by information on the sample(s) used.

Japanese SourcesEdit

English SourcesEdit

Other SourcesEdit

  • 30 Min Harder - Tatu song 30 Minutes
  • Beautiful Synergy - Twelve Girls Band song "Freedom"
  • Boss on Parade (DJ Sharpnel Remix) - The DJ Producer's "True Creators Part 2"
  • Chichi! - The Underground Nation Of Rotterdam song "Bitch"
  • Fabeltje - The Dutch children's television series De Fabeltjeskrant
  • Hatten Carnival - Hatten är din
  • How Many Nights For Xmas - Oh wei wei Weihnachten song by Larissa Schories
  • Hunter's Anthem - The PlayStation Portable game start-up sound and sounds from the PlayStation Portable game Monster Hunter Portable 2G.
  • Maru Maru - Neophyte song "Happy is voor hobos"
  • Metalic-A- - Atlantic Ocean song "Waterfall"
  • Operation No. 9 - Beethoven's Ode to Joy
  • 楽しき農夫/Frohlich Landmann/Pleasant Farmer - "Frohlicher Landamann" by Robert Schumann
  • Pretty Green Onions - Loituma - Ievan Polkka (Loituma Girl)
  • We Luv Lama - The Terminator Soundtrack played on Delay Lama VST plugin by AudioNerdz

References Edit

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