(1969-2017) Musician, producer and DJ, working mostly in the trance genre. Miles, who was born in Switzerland to Italian parents, worked as a DJ in clubs in Italy as a teenager, and also ran a pirate radio station. In 1994, Miles put together an electronica theme involving piano (Miles was a capable piano player) and accoustic guitar theme and developed this into the song "Children", which became an international hit, and is generally credited with originating the "dream trance" genre. Piano riffs would remain a characteristic feature of his electronica efforts for most of his career.

Later efforts included a number of collaborations, such as the song "Freedom" with singer Kathy Sledge of the American soul group Sister Sledge, and several joint efforts with singer Nina Miranda and percussionist Trilok Gurtu. Miles expanded his range particularly over his last two albums, which moved away from electronica and in the direction of jazz and progressive rock. Miles also worked on a few movie soundtracks, gaining notice in this area after some of his music was used in The Bourne Identity.

Miles unfortunately came down with an undisclosed form of cancer in 2016. He passed away in Ibiza on May 9, 2017. His discography includes five albums of his own material, plus numerous remix albums and singles.

Miles' real name was Roberto Concina.

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