(Commonly referred to as "MFOS") A manufacturer of circuit boards for modular synthesis, plus kits for a few products. The company is located in Colorado in the USA. Boards for a wide variety of functions are available, as well as a few kits for complete monophonic synths, and some kits and items specifically for educators and classroom use. MFOS also offers most of the less-common parts that their designs call for, although the customer can obtain them from elsewhere if desired. Each board has a corresponding project page on the Web site with assembly and test instructions, as well as hints and tips for use. The circuit boards are format-agnostic; for most boards the project page provides a suggested panel layout, which is usually in MU (Dotcom) or Eurorack format. MFOS's proprietor, Ray Wilson, is a frequent contributor to the Synth-DIY mailing list, and a number of possible modifications to MFOS designs can be found there.

MFOS proprietor Ray Wilson died July 23, 2016. As of September 2016, MFOS is not open for business and future plans are unknown.

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