(1963-) Well-known electronica performer, and on-and-off record company manager and promoter. Oakenfold broke into music as a club DJ in the early 1980s, but then took a job as an A&R man for Champion Records. Among the talents he signed there were the soul group Salt-n-Pepa, and the proto-hip-hoppers DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. After a few years of that, he went into band management, and was the manager for the Beastie Boys and Run-DMC among others.

In 1987, Oakenfold took a holday in Ibiza and heard the acid house and trance styles being pioneered in the clubs there. He brought this back to London with him, and after a series of moves, he and a business partner became the owners of the Land of Oz club (whose "chill out" room often featured Alex Paterson or Jimmy Cauty at the turntables). As this became successful, Oakenfold found time to get back into performing, and also established his own record label, Perfecto Records.

in 1992, Oakenfold's remix of pop band U2's "Better Than The Real Thing" charted higher in the UK than the original song did. U2 was impressed and they hired Oakenfold as an opening act for their upcoming tour. From this platform, Oakenfold quickly established himself as a premiere producer and remixer of popular songs. He toured extensively doing DJ performances in Europe, and had the opportunity to release remixes of songs by legendary rock acts including Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. He co-composed and performed (with Andy Gray) the theme music to the UK version of the TV show Big Brother.

Oakenfold move to the USA in 1999. One of his first gigs after arriving was Cyberfest 2000 in California, which at the time was the largest dance music festival in the U.S. HIs career grew rapidly from there, with extensive touring, a promotional CD for Toyota, an appearance with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and numerous successful releases of remix albums. In 2002, he released Bunkka, his first album as a producer under his own name. Since then, he has released three other albums as a producer, several albums of sample material for other DJs to use as source material, and numerous (over 40) remix albums. He has also returned to his roots as an A&R man, for the talent agency Isina.

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