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The Acolyte, as well as Mitosis[1], is an alias of Australian happy hardcore producer Sam Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez announced on August 11th, 2006 that he was going to 'kill The Acolyte name' but as of yet has not officially done so.[2]


Sam Gonzalez grew up in a christian influenced home that did not introduce hardcore music on its own. After hearing an example of the genre on the radio, Sam was hooked, "I’ve always love electronic music since I first heard it."[3] Now 22,[3] Gonzalez owns his own production company, CommandoBot Studios.[4]

Primarily known exclusively on the internet, The Acolyte has had songs played and hosted on several websites including In The Mix, IMO Records and Happy Hardcore. He has also had dealings with over 10 record companies including the creation of Executive Records where a personal biography on him exists[5]. Multiple albums, mostly consisting of only a few tracks, have been produced and can be seen at discogs.com under Sam Gonzalez's profile.

Most notable of The Acolyte's works are the two songs Akira Yamaoka’s - Love Me Do (The Acolyte’s Remix)[6] and Treble Bass Attitude which featured on Konami's DDR Ultramix 3 and DDR Universe for the Xbox 360 (used in the E3 trailer), respectively.



Note that The Acolyte has not released an independant compilation of songs, and that most are presented with other songs in mix albums such as "Hardcore Tsunami 2" where "The Truth" is featured. Also note that the difference between forthcoming, as listed in the table, and To Be Announced and Unreleased, found below.

The Acolyte's song discography, including type, label and artists. For remixes, the original author is noted as "Original Artist". "Artists" contains the name of additional artists and the initial of the alias of The Acolyte used (A or M). Originals by The Acolyte are listed under type as "Composition".
Title Artists Type Label Original Artist
Central Nervous System (A) Forthcoming Electronic Records
Cold Fury Pete Finley (A) Composition Addictive Vinyl
Cypherpunk Amy ([7]) Composition Electroplates
Draw to You Amy (A) Composition Dusk Til Dawn
Heal My Soul[8] Amy (A) Composition Dusk Til Dawn
Lost Without You Amy (A) Composition Executive Records
Lost Without You (2005 Remix) Amy (A) Remix Executive Records The Acolyte
Mind Kontrol (A) Forthcoming Electronic Records
Neurotoxin (A) Composition Electronic Records
Solid State (M) Forthcoming RFU Recordingz
The Truth (A) Composition MasterWax Records
Dreams DJ Silver (A) Forthcoming Remix MasterWax Records Hardcore Hippies
Dreams (Nightmare Mix) (A) Forthcoming Remix MasterWax Records Hardcore Hippies
Fallout (The Acolyte's Slamming Remix) (A) Forthcoming Remix Thumper Records Entity
Love Me Do (A) Remix Konami - Dance Dance Revolution Akira Yamaoka
Pump Up The Volume (A) Remix Executive Records Haze
The Light (A) Remix MasterWax Records Impact & Scott Devotion
Knuckleshuffle Invader (A) Composition Electroplates
Wipe Away Amy (A) Composition Electroplates
Party People Shanty (A) Composition Electroplates

Unreleased & Works In Progress[]

  • Everything (The Acolyte’s Remix) - Andrew Holt (TBA)
  • It Aint Hard to Tell - The Acolyte (TBA)
  • Make It… - The Acolyte (TBA)
  • Smack! - The Acolyte & DJ Silver (TBA)
  • So Close - The Acolyte featuring Amy
  • The Great Escape (The Acolyte VIP Remix) - Cloudskipper, Reese & Stargazer (Unreleased)
  • Thug Connected - The Acolyte & DJ Silver (TBA)
  • Treble Bass Attitude - The Acolyte (Unreleased)
  • When the Rain Comes - The Acolyte featuring Amy (TBA)
  • Your Mom - The Acolyte & DJ Silver (TBA)

Coordinating Artists[]

  • Amy
  • Cloudskipper
  • DJ Silver
  • Invader
  • Pete Finley
  • Reese
  • Shanty[9]
  • Skye
  • Stargazer


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