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A company which specializes in modular synthesizers. Synthesis Technology, or Synth Tech for short, launched the modern modular synthesizer movement when it introduced its original line of modules in 1998. The company, owned by electrical engineer Paul Schreiber, is one of two modular synthesizer manufacturers in the Dallas, Texas USA area (the other being Synthesizers.com). Synth Tech is the developer of the MOTM format for synth modules, although since 2011 they have primarily designed and sold some modules in the Eurorack format (after dabbling briefly in the Frac format), and development of new MOTM-format modules has slowed considerably.

Synth Tech modules are known for their no-compromises approach to the engineering of their circuits. As a result, they are usually not the lowest-cost maker for a particular synthesis function. At one time, the company offset this by offering most of its modules as kits. Synth Tech kits were known for their packaging (usually everything needed to assemble the module, including the recommended solder, was included) and their well-written and easy to follow assembly instructions. However, a series of supplier difficulties forced the end of kits as a regular line of business in 2006; after offering kits and bare circuit boards on an intermittent basis for a period, the company transferred the kit and parts business to Bridechamber in September 2011, as of 2015, some MOTM modules are also available as both kits and assembled from Synthcube. Synth Tech modules have also been known for being amenable to owner modifications and most of their modules have circuit board designs that make it easy to do mods, although this is changing as the designs move more towards surface-mount components.

The Synth Tech line has always contained all of the essential "bread and butter" modules such as VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, and envelope generators. Other aspects of the line include a multi-channel MIDI-to-control voltage converter, power supplies, and boards and components for power distribution in different kinds of systems. Now and then the company offers something out of left field, such as the MOTM-510 WaveWarper and the MOTM-730 Pulse Divider; according to Schreiber, most of these have been sales disappointments. The company has, since about 2012, continued to venture into unusual-module territory in its Eurorack line.

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